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We are building a new way to organize and attend events. One ID, Attend multiple events & Get paid. Join our waitlist to know when we launch

our story

What makes our heart beat

Like most ideas, the entire concept of Vently was not fully formed when we started off in Port Harcourt.

The initial plan was to build was a platform that connected event attendees to each other. but we discovered it could be way more than that. Now we’re building a platform that let’s you interact more in a live or physical event and also an opportunity to get paid while doing it. Whether you’re an attendee, event organizer, or event vendor – we’re extending an invitation to you to be part of our amazing journey. 

Host Events

Built for Event Organizers

Unlike other conventional event platforms, we’re here to provide you a different event management experience. You can host from a birthday to a full blown concert on Vently and we’ll do the rest for you. We help you cover ticketing, connecting with vendors, provide concise analytics and any interactions you may need to connect better with your audience from when you hit publish.

Get hired

Built for Vendors

The easiest way to grow as a vendor or a creator is when your profile is shared with tons of potential customers and we’re doing just that for you. All you need to do is complete your profile , set a minimum price and start receiving offers from prospective clients who want you to perform a certain role at their event.

attend events

Built for Everyone

We’ve built a platform where you can connect with friends, buy tickets and keep track of all events happening around you . With the multiple integrations we’re adding , you’ll be able to interact way more that you would do on events hosted elsewhere.  Join us as we build the next generation event platform

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